Nerkas Solutions Inc. is the world's premier developer of next-generation technological products.

From household goods to computer systems to the combat technology that keeps us safe, Nerkas products serve the needs of over 4 billion people in over 200 countries, every single day.

Founded by our visionary CEO Dr. Andrew Gardner, Nerkas has one mission: to meet the needs of humanity by finding innovative, efficient solutions to the world's toughest problems. By applying cutting-edge technology to common challenges, we have helped enhance the lives of generations... and literally changed the way mankind lives.


From our popular consumer products such as Nanodent Toothpaste to our award-winning Antic Vodka, Nerkas Solutions has always stood at the forefront of change. We were the first to introduce affordable quantum computing to the consumer, further revolutionized computing with innovative spintronics-based memory applications, and have now shifted the paradigm once again with our proprietary Mind Wave technology.

With Mind Wave, Nerkas Solutions has achieved what many once thought impossible: direct mental control of machinery. While wearing our easy-to-use HM-987 neuro-tech headset, you can command your TV to change channels, order your dishwasher to start, or have your cleaning droid move to the next room... simply by thinking it!

Of course, our concern for your well-being has also led us to develop more traditional products, such as our affordable Futu 'Holler' Alarm Systems and our delicious Boosh Energy Drink—the only energy drink that can actually change your metabolism... permanently!

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